Mac formatted hdd on pc

Windows can’t normally read Mac-formatted drives, and will offer to erase them instead. But third-party tools fill the gap and provide access to drives formatted with Apple’s HFS+ file system on Windows. But you can open HFSExplorer, read a Mac-formatted drive, and copy the files.
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You can access Mac disks from the desktop or your favorite software.

HFS+ for Windows by Paragon Software

MacDrive makes your PC smarter giving you the ability read and write to Mac disks. MacDrive creates peace between the platforms. You can also securely delete files and folders from your disk and easily create ISO images and mount sparse images. MacDrive Pro is also constantly optimizing your disks with automatic file defragmentation. Along with data protection we are constantly working on MacDrive to bring you the fastest transfer speeds possible.

MacDrive allows you to browse through Time Machine backups as well as copy those files and folders to your PC. Upgrade a previous copy of MacDrive to the all-new MacDrive Since , MacDrive is the standard for accessing Mac disks on Windows computers. MacDrive 10 Standard and Pro.

Partition the drive on Windows 10

See all your mounted Mac disks on one screen for quick access. Access information and tools to help with troublesome Mac disks. MacDrive Learn More. MacDrive is seamless. Access Mac disks like any other disk.

Can a Windows computer read a Mac-formatted hard drive?

Charles Caracciolo www. MacDrive is a workhorse in my production studio. The software is great and worked without any hassles. So how does MacDrive work? Need more power? Go Pro! See the full feature list and find out which version is right for you. Compare Standard and Pro. MacDrive features All this and so much more…. Fast and Reliable. Hard drives and more. Manage Mac disks.

Repair Mac disks. Time Machine. Native or Virtual. Buy, try or upgrade! Try before you buy. Download the 5 day full trial. For me, the Standard version was more than enough.

Formatting From a PC

You can try out the program using the five-day free trial. Once you log back into Windows, everything should automatically be good to go.

Option One: HFSExplorer Is Free and Basic

If you double-click on the drive, it will open just like a normal Windows drive. If there is any file that is Mac-specific, it will also show an apple icon next to it. Now you can copy data from the Mac formatted drive to your Windows PC and vice versa. I really like the fact that Disk Aware is part of this program because it allows you to quickly see what is taking up the most space on your hard drive, just like TreeSize does for Windows.

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MacDrive also has other tools, which you can see across the top: Create , Repair , Burn , etc. Using Repair , you can connect a Mac drive to your Windows PC and fix it so that the data can be accessed. This is a great tool if you are a PC technician and someone brings you a Mac formatted hard drive that is corrupt or unreadable by OS X. You can use Mac Drive to try and repair it and access the data right on your PC.

Using the Create tab, you can create, delete or format partitions on a Mac disk. There is no other program out there that lets you access Mac files on a PC as easily and seamlessly as MacDrive.