Mac os x how to share dvd drive on network

Log into the Mac with the optical drive, click the Apple logo in the menu bar and select System Preferences. Click Sharing, which will usually be.
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These are necessary if you have a computer that does not have an optical drive -- such as a MacBook Air. You can install software through the optical drive of a co-worker's Mac computer, or download business applications through the Mac App Store. Enter the name of the program you want to download in the Search bar. You can also search for applications using the available search options -- such as the Top Charts or Featured lists.

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Select the application from the Results list to open the application's Mac Store page, which displays detailed information about the app. Enter your Apple ID credentials when prompted to install the application.

The application's icon appears on the Dock after the installation process ends. Open the "Apple" menu on the Mac with the optical drive, and then select "System Preferences" to open the System Preferences window. Click the "Finder" icon in the Dock of the Mac without the optical drive to open a Finder window. Click "Accept" on the computer with the optical drive to allow your Mac to use the drive to install the software.

The installation disc will appear on your Mac after the connection is complete. An avid technology enthusiast, Steve Gregory has been writing professionally since As promised in the previous post, we will teach you how to use the Apple Remote Disc. As we have explained beforeit is not possible listen songs recorded on a CD or watch a movie recorded on a DVD using this tool.

Use Remote Disc To Share A CD/DVD Drive Between Macs - Sound Support

Let's review the restrictions on the use of Remote Disc? Let's start with the process Mac to Mac, then follow these steps if you are trying to access a disc in the CD drive of another MacBook. Click on 'Share' icon on the System Preferences window. In the 'Computer Name' field, enter a name that is easy to recognize. After configuring the Mac that will lend the CD drive for you, it is time to access that drive from the Mac that does not have a CD drive. The latest Boot Camp version that still supports bit Windows is v4.

Use a shared DVD or CD

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Nice of them to tell you that before you buy it. Absolutely one of the best Apple products ever made and so cheap, I have had mine for years and though seldom used it is a great piece of equipment to have for all kinds of eventualities. I really felt my age when the poster asked what is a CD?

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We could help you answer that question if you told us specifically which Mac you have. Some Macs do not support SuperDrive without an added nvram command to enable the Superdrive. Name required. Mail will not be published required. All Rights Reserved. Reproduction without explicit permission is prohibited.

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