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So I've looked up on how to connect a PS3 controller to a PC and i got it to work, so i try to play it on Grand Theft Auto IV and all the selections.
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When i hold down the right mouse button it's always free aim, its fun but sometimes gets reali annoying if i shoot right next to the guy, like 1mm and it misses also becuase my pc lags a lil bit. Thnx ppl, urs sincerly Blitzbusta! Plz reply lol help is desperately needed! Well the console version is overall better the mouse on the pc gives great control. Blitzbusta right click. The lock-on might be better on foot, but the mouse is epic when in a vehicle.

Thanks for reply but right clicking only zooms in aim not locking on the targets as on the console versions does, help anyone?! I have none of this lag that you speak of If USBOverdrive had a function that used analog signals. I guess a lot of that functionality analog buttons, analog triggers is proprietary though and documentation on it is not public.

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Utilities like USB Overdrive or Gamepad companion will never give you analog functions for anything other than the mouse which is inherently analog apart from the buttons of course. The same thing with the type of button functions games support. On the PC or Mac a game most likely does not support analog function for say… square, circle, cross or triangle unless it was a direct PS3 port and the game originally supported analog function for those buttons in the first place. What I was meaning by mentioning the logitech was there is two modes that gamepad can be in..

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The analog triggers only function in xinput mode. Perhaps the dualshock drivers are only written to support dinput mode. I know for a fact that analog triggers work with xinput xbox compatible controllers and input mode. The tattiebogle drivers for example map the analog triggers to analog joystick axis and games support that.

How To Connect Your PS3 Controller To Your Mac

So, in order for a gamepad or any other peripheral to have full functionality support needs to be there at all levels. At the game level with the game design and at the driverOS level. A note, and a lightbulb went off just now for me, for anybody who is using a knockoff DS3, you MIGHT be running into problems because of that.

The main differences between genuine DS3s and fake ones are spelling or printing errors on the sticker on he back. It seems that on some a French word is misspelled, bisected into two words, instead of a single two or three syllable word, rendering the word meaningless. And the casting of the case may be off. Just a for instance. Just an idea. The Bluetooth chip in the fake DS3 might be wonky. It worked! Thank you so much! Hi, im on Where are you plugging in your controller? In the Mac or in the PS3? If in the PS3, try resetting the controller, by inserting a paperclip into pinhole near L2 button.

Then, turn off both the PS3 and the controller. Turn on the console, and plug in the controller by using the USB cable. The PS3 should recognize it. If in the Mac, try resetting the controller, then follow the instructions on this guide, it worked for me. It says its connected and the lights continue to flash. The game is showing game settings for the controller but its not doing a thing. While it says connected and the lights are flashing, launch your game and see if it detects the controller.

How to Use a Playstation 4 Controller with Mac in MacOS Mojave, Sierra, OS X El Capitan & Yosemite

I am on OSX Hi I just wanted to add in case not mentioned yet you must unplug your controller from your Mac to have it connect via Bluetooth. So make sure the controller is fully charged first. Works really well! I have a similar problem, i get my controller connected fine with no problems on my macbook The game just refuses to start with the bluetooth on and the controller connected,what do i do?! I am currently using mavericks and have connected my ps3 controller a couple of times if I see the steps above I would be kind of worried to have to put a paperclip in my controller I so happen to know a much easier way to connect the controller to a mac book without having to stick a paperclip in it i think this also works on snow leopard all you need is the usb cable that comes with the controller and of course the controller itself.

Using a PS3 Controller With Your Android Phone

Any clues on how to pair a PS3 wireless controller with Yosemite Snow Leopard on a Mac Pro. I turned Bluetooth off and on and unplugged the controller and it showed up. It was more surprise than careful setup. The only game I had to test it was Marathon and it worked, although not well.

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When the controller turns on and my computer is not turned on.. I worry that if the controller is in my bag, it might turn on and stay on until the battery dies. Hey, so i finally got this working but the buttons are all wrong for the game.

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How to Connect a PlayStation 4 Controller to a Mac (OSX)

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